Brand Identity & Development

Deliverables: Marketing plan, print, interactive, environmental

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The Client

Inverom is a unique, vertically integrated partner for original equipment manufacturers. The company delivers state-of-the-art platforms and solutions that span the entire value chain — from design and engineering to development, manufacturing, assembly, testing and distribution.

The Opportunity

Inverom wanted to create a strong brand that would support the company’s evolution and vision of growth over time. From day one, the image had to present Inverom as a sophisticated, highly capable technology provider.

The Solution

Working with Gerard, Inverom first defined its audience, objectives and concerns. Gerard developed a basic corporate identity program that included a “starter kit” of a logo, business cards and stationery, and a basic website that was put in place quickly to support sales efforts and address the company’s immediate needs.

Once these elements were in place, Gerard then constructed a full website, and created a marketing brochure and other sales support materials for specific capabilities and market segments. Gerard’s team even helped design Inverom’s interior space.

The result? Inverom was able to establish a powerful brand presence that successfully communicated its vision and capabilities, and helped contribute to new business with top manufacturers, such as CNH, Sub-Zero and Tesla.

Quote MarksThe program met all my objectives. We even had one prospect say that they weren’t sure that they were big enough for a company like ours. That was when I knew we had achieved what we set out to do.”
Roman KuropasInverom CEO and Founder