Less gimmick.More go-to-market.

Count on Gerard to support your strategic objectives and help you exceed expectations at every step and phase — from start to finish.

PHASE 1 Understanding & Research

Key information is collected through comprehensive client discussions, insight gathering, research and industry immersion.

PHASE 2 Strategy & Brand Development

Goals are clearly defined to support business objectives. A complete framework is developed to refine brand positioning and outline business and marketing strategies.

PHASE 3 Marketing Plan Development

An integrated marketing plan brings structure to audience, channels, offerings, timing and measurement — all in support of specific brand awareness, lead generation and sales goals.

PHASE 4 Concept

Unique visual and messaging directions are explored — all with key business objectives kept prominently in focus.

PHASE 5 Creative Development & Execution

Concepts become reality through fully executed design and messaging carried through each element of the program, campaign or event.

PHASE 6 Measuring Effectiveness

Working in concert with predefined goals and measures for success, Gerard meets to discuss the effectiveness, key understandings and outcomes of each project to help drive future planning.