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At Gerard, people are our passion. We thrive on the promise of working together in ways that set us apart, and we believe in business on a handshake.

Our staff of Web gurus, designers, writers, marketing communications consultants and thinkers works together, in perfect harmony, to help you create, build and manage your brand.

So call us, stop on by and say "hello." We'd love to meet with you in person.

  • Carolyn Gerard

    Carolyn Gerard


    Carolyn Gerard's philosophy in life is "do what you love, and love what you do," and it shows. Under her leadership, she has assembled a team of strategists, creatives, marketing communications specialists and interactive gurus to help clients do more with less. In addition to being named one of 25 Most Influential Women in Business, Carolyn received the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award for Growth from The Business Ledger. (View Carolyn Gerard's profile in Forbes)

  • Kenton Gerard

    Kenton Gerard


    Kenton Gerard is a co-founder of Gerard Design and has over three decades of experience in the industry. His diverse expertise provides a catalyst in solving clients’ business challenges, where his focus is on seeing the big picture and delivering results to clients. He values a team-approach environment, keeping an eye on the strategic objective and making the process seamless for our clients.

  • Patrick Schab

    Patrick Schab

    Creative Director

    Patrick Schab has more than two decades of experience in the brand and design communications industry. Patrick's expertise leads the team in helping brands reach their full potential. His exceptional design talent has been recognized in industry publications, such as STEP Inside Design and HOW Design.

  • Christina Steva

    Christina Steva

    Creative Director

    Christina Steva has more than 13 years of experience and has won numerous awards. Most recently, The Society of Typographic Arts selected her work to become part of the society's permanent collection. Christina’s talent and leadership have been fundamental in helping clients make their visions a reality.

  • Tony Ballinger

    Tony Ballinger

    Director of Interactive

    Tony Ballinger has more than 16 years of experience in interactive design on global brands — including websites, email marketing, social media and the mobile Web. He is an expert at consistently helping businesses use design and technology to take their brands online with proven results.

  • Mark Manzo

    Mark Manzo

    Director of Copy

    Mark Manzo’s passion for the written word is based on Einstein’s simple yet powerful mantra: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” With 13+ years of expertise in the creative communications industry, Mark believes that imagination is at the core of helping clients discover, implement and own the voice of their brands, so that they may do more with less and create award-winning work in the process.